Best (Digital) Ride Ever.

This semester I had the ride of my life and I think I can pass go and collect my New Media Drivers License. In January I enrolled in a class that at Michigan State University which was taught under the instruction of Derek Mehraban who happens to be the leader of Ingenex Digital Marketing. Initially I enrolled in the course because I was hearing all the talk about new media…. and well I felt a bit pressured to hop on the digital buss to see what all the buzz was about.

This course was very insightful. I have learned more about digital communication and new media than I could have ever imagined. I loved the course  because it was unique unlike any other course that I have taken at MSU.

The highlights of the course included…..

  • Blogging. Weekly assignments consisted of blog entries. Through these entries I shared new things I learned while also expressing myself. Blogs are a great way to share any type of information with others. It’s simple and creative.
  • Socail Networks. Facebook, Linkedin, Digg and Twitter were also included in the course work. These sites showed me that you can market yourself to one the best audiences…your friends and other individuals that you already associate with in your very own personal networks.
  • Google. Google is the best search engine and an even greater company that is beneficial for many other things as well. I became more familiar with the products that Google offers and my life did become that much more simple. The tools such as Gmail, Goggle Calendar and Google Docs are just that great and very user friendly making them love at first sight.

To conclude the course I have a presentation that I plan to share with my fellow New Media Drivers License recipients. The presentation will include,

  • my motivation of enrolling this course
  • pros and cons about the course
  • my new discoveries about online technology, social networks, and other digital tools
  • weekly blog entries
  • independent study track
  • future roads of the New Media Drivers Licence

Are you ready for the best (digital) ride of your life?!

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Getting good with Google. Experiments.

In my Getting Good with Google I have focused on Google gadgets that are amazingly cool! However, in my search this week I came across Google Labs. Have you ever wanted to be a lab rat? Ok, probably not but experiments are cool especially when YOU can be a part of the adventure. Google Labs is super sweet because it showcases Google’s latest experiments. The best part of it all is that you can actually join an experiment and upon doing a Google search you will be able to see that feature. I do have some bad news….you can only join one experiment at a time! BUT at least you can say that you have participated in research before….

After I ventured through Google Labs Google In Quotes passed my test with flying colors! This experiment allows you to view and compare quotes of stories linked from Google News. As of now, individuals in the news can be compared on a particular topic. The individuals to compare and the topics can be selected using a drop down menu.

Other features that you will love about this Google gadget are…

  • Spin button. This rotates, or spins the qoutes allowing you to compare multiple quotes on a specific topic.
  • Country edition. Select a different country to view qoutes of people from around the world.
  • Arrows. Arrows allow you to view different quotes from the individual that you select.

I’m sure this experiement will pass your test…test it out!

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Getting good with google. Google Search.

This week as I thought about what my google post would be I decided to focus on the Google Search Engine. The Google Search Engine is the most used online search engine. The search engine was developed in 1997 and receives several hundred million search queries everyday. I can believe that the search engine receives a vast amount of search queries because I use Google at least 20 times a day because of the helpful information that it always provides.

Top reasons why Google is the Best Search Engine

  • Search results includes snapshots.
  • SEO.
  • Advanced search option.
  • Search not only the web but also blogs, images and news.
  • Set preferences. Including  language, # of results to display per page, new window for search results, filtering, and search suggestions.
  • I’m feeling lucky. This feature directs you to the first website of search results helping to maximize the google search experience.

My absolute favorite aspect of the Google Search Engine are the Google holiday logos displayed before searching!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2009


Valentine’s Day 2009


Election Day 2008


St. Patricks Day 2008


Independence Day 2007


Earth Day 2007



Do you have a favorite Google logo?

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Digital PR, now.

Get this book now! The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott , who is a marketing and leadrship speaker, wrote a  book that focuses on how to use news releases, blogs, podcasting, viral marketing, and online media to reach buyers.  

The concepts in the book are simple to master and can be beneficial to many. This book is actually being used for a course on the New Media Drivers License at Michigan State University. The course helps to identify useful online tools for marketing and PR which are free or inexpensive….and of course great for the budget of a college student. Students display their new formed knowledge through a blog just like this one :).

Check out more on marketing with David Meerman Scott.

Check out 1888 Press Release to read my PR, a site for free, yes FREE PR!

I love the book!

  • useful in learning new formats of marketing
  • easy concepts to understand and master
  • valuable source

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Go digital. Get your New Media Drivers License.

What’s this New Media Drivers License buzz?

 The New Media Drivers License (NMDL) is not a license for the road but rather the digital world.  To put it simply, it is a course that trains individualsto master new media and digital communication tools.

Living in today’s face paced, ever changing and technological world it has become imperative that individuals are equiped with digital survival skills. The NMDL will give you the skills needed as not only a student but also a potential employee of a career you may be attempting to land. This course is much more than a lecture hall of notes and a cramed brain of things to remember for an exam.

Knowledge to gain, fun to have, and benefits to earn!

  • Explore socail media. Learn how to succesfully navigate sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of socail networking and marketing.
  • Stay up to date on new digital media.
  • The class meets twice during the semster and assignments are submitted weekly thorugh blogging.
  • Make yourself more competive for future endeavors through the use of new media.
  • Express your creativity.

This is one of the best classes that I have taken at MSU. The class gives valuable knowledge, is enjoyable and unlike many other elective courses that I have taken I will use this information in the future. For more info browse NMDL.

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Getting good with Google. Google Chrome.

My love affair with Google continues….this week I am infatuated with Google Chrome!

It really is faster, safer and easier. I recently downloaded the Google Chrome application web browser to my computer and each day I browse the web I am amazed that I ever browsed the web without it. This application can be best described as all inclusive.

The features of this application that I love are:

  • One box stop. The toolbar box can be used for not only the address bar but also web searching, history, and suggestions. Like I stated it is all inclusive!
  • Tabs, tabs, and more tabs! A new tab page displays frequently visited sites, search engines, and also bookmarked pages. Even more tab management for you….tabs can be dragged to arranged just how you would like them or to create new windows.
  • Incognito included. Let’s say you are browsing the web and you do not want the web page you visit to be listed in the web history….there is a incognito mode which does not store information about the website that you are browsing.

These are my favorite features of the application and I encourage you to download Google Chrome and share what features of the application win you over!

Wonder about the technology of Google Crome? The Google book shows the ideas behind the creation of Google Chrome. Check out the cool Google book on Google Chrome.

This made me laugh out loud! Take a look….this illudes to the idea of how the Google Chrome logo was created.

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Getting good with Google. Google News.

Politics, business, entertainment, breaking news along with everything else that occurs in today’s world it can be challenging to keep up with it all on top of the stories of your own life. However, with Google news you can stay up to date… in fact the minute with the top news stories. I often find myself on this site because I am not a big fan of television but I am always on the Internet.

The best features of Google News;

  • The headlines include the tops news sources  
  • News stories up to the mintute news stories
  • The webpage can be personalized, including reccomendations for you
  • The option to search for local news stories

A few of the top news stories for today, February 16, 2008

Google news is continuously updated so browse the site to make sure y0u are up to the actually minute with everything that goes on in the world today.

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SEO. Seeking more Internet traffic?

So you ask what is SEO? I was clueless at one point and time too. SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. I have had this blog for a few weeks now and I have wondered why I do not get many visitors besides my family and friends that I harass about reading my post (who needless to say do not comment). I know…how hurtful is this. I know there are many others on the web who can relate to what I am talking about. SEO is here to save the day and help all those who desire more traffic on their Internet sites.

Search Engine Optimization is getting your site to show up at the top of search engines for search results. Yes, it is almost that simple.

In order to increase the visitors of a website a few things need to be noted…

  • Edit the site content to match relevant specific search words. Make this words descriptive, informative, and accurate.
  • Make the url short, simple, and sweet. Use words rather than lengthy combinations of numbers. This is helpful when users of your site wish to share it with others.
  • Brainstorm good headers. Included strong headlines and subheadings.
  • Refine words on the site to match those likely to be entered in search engine users. If you were search for topics related to your site, what would you enter in the search box?

So I am still learning about SEO and to say the least I am not a pro. To learn more about SEO check out these great resources.

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New Media & Me Continues.

Quite honestly….I feel overwhelmed with all the talk about social media, social networking, etc. I have had a profile on Facebook since my first year in college. I signed up without the intention of social networking…I just wanted to keep in touch with friends from high school. That intention was successful until Facebook became loaded pages with applications. So this caused my Facebook status to be “missing in action” for a while.
Little did I know, that was only the beginning of my love-hate relationship with social media and networking. Although I’d like to hide behind my computer screen and the words created by the keys on my key board I have fell…hard, for the social network sites in which I have profiles on not only Facebook but also Twitter and Linkedin.
At this point I am still becoming familiar with the purposes and uses of these sites which makes me unsure about how I will use each of them. Facebook at one point was my primary source for sharing photos….was is the key word because I have not uploaded any photos probably in about a year…or two.
In the future I am hoping to become better skilled at using each of these social networks.
So here’s to me and social networks and media. As I continue to meet my New Years Resolutions, my goals for social networking and media are to build profile traffic, develop more traffic for this blog, maintain existing friendships, connect with others in my prospective career field, and devote more time to becoming familiar with the applications and benefits that each site offers.

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Getting good with Google. Translate.

Hola seguidores de la moda!

This week during my search for another cool Google application I discovered Google Translate.  This has to be one of (because there are so many to choose from) the coolest Google gadgets every! The title of the application if self explanatory but it does much more than just translate words that are not from your native language.

I’ve  taken a few years of Spanish which has made me fall in love with not only the language but the culture. Sometimes I like to venture off to websites that are written in Spanish to “test the waters”.

This Google application translates words, phrases, and even entire web pages! If you choose to translate and entire web page you can scroll over sentences on the page and it show up in in a bubble in the original language. This is probably why I fell in love with this feature!…While I am browsing a website the bubble with the original language allows me to see if all those years of Spanish really are paying  off.

This application includes a translation gadget (which I have added to my blog) that allows the web page to be quickly translated into any language of choice. Sweet, right?! This is one to die for Google app. and because people can connect with other from around the world!

Connecting with the world one language at a time! (a little cheesy 8/….somebody would use it as their slogan…)

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